“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”

–Rumi Isla Mujeres MX, 2022, Part IV, Final Gracias por un tiempo maravilloso. Hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar, que estés bien, que estés a salvo y que tengas otra Margarita conmigo. As I start to gather up my stuff, packing to see that all my extra belongings actually do fit to go home, I …

The Warmest Year

The experts say our planet had the warmest year ever. The warmest year since they’ve have been counting. My eye catches the clouds soaring over our dying tomato vines, Green and orange fruit still struggling to ripen. Raindrops drizzling their softness on the baby blue pool cover. And I wonder. What will the experts say about my saddest year ever?