Christmas Lover


Rigid cold and white, a porcelain tub on four talons

Embraces her warm body as it languishes in misty

Bubbles whispering lyrics of tenderness in hot water

Streaming in a delicate dance on her pale pink toes.


Silent and alone beneath stars in a clear dark sky

Her memories keep her company

Recollections of three loving nights and days

Held in her heart now for safekeeping.


She can still feel the delicate trace of his fingertips

The soft aging skin of his body, passionate and burning,

Lips searching urgently beside the soft tunes on the radio

Their bodies stirring on cue, crying out in bliss.


Her tongue tonight, now sweetened only

By chilled Champagne in a Sippy cup.

Crystal flutes safe, high on a shelf,

His happy laughter brushes pain across her soul.


It was mere hours before that she watched him sail off

As it was the time before, and all the times before that

It feels like a hundred years ago,

Melancholy satiating her as a chocolate torte.


Their calendars on opposite ends of the planet

Will turn in the breeze a dozen spells

Before he returns to hold her again, for Christmas,

From the bed he shares with his wife.

                                                                                                                                                     KT/revised 1/16/16

2015-11-04 16.41.31


Jack’s Suit

Do you see him there? The little guy in the dark blue suit.

Carried into church by his Mama for his Auntie Karen’s wedding

Fall breezes quietly tickling his cheek

His bright speckled blue eyes missing nothing.


Katie’s got him right there in her lap of dreams

Her little boy, full of wonder, in church again

Sitting close, so sharp once again in that cute little suit

Here in the winter cold, at his Mama’s Grandma’s funeral mass.


A few months later, Katie’s gone too, much too soon

Gone with her smile that brought the sun up in the morning

Her laughter that rippled the waters

Her bright blue eyes that she shares with little Jack.


Little Jack is firmly in his Papa’s arms now

Sitting still and quiet on the dark and hard wooden pew

Wondering eyes topping his cleaned and pressed suit

Searching the sunbeams for his Mommy.


Katie’s off onto a new journey now

Taking with her the love of a million memories

Leaving behind a world of hurt full of love

Sprinkled with shattered pieces of hearts.



Written in loving memory of my wonderful grand-daughter, Katherine Patricia Green Broder. With gratitude, “Jack’s Suit” was recently published in the California Writers Club Literary Review, October 2015.

Birthday – March 1

I love celebrating birthdays. Especially mine. It all started in Santa Cruz -where I was born –  and where I celebrated many a time. This year, I’m content, happy even, to be right here at home. The best. Sunshine and bright blue skies over springtime gardens. I was in Isla Mujeres one year with Kelley, Carmen, a hot pink golf cart and dinnner on an open plaza. Another March, friends at work with a potluck. A bottle or three of champagne on a patio. I wrote this poem in the summer of 2013. Happy Birthday to all of us!  Enjoy!


Silent night
Coastal mountains
Nary a breeze
One minute away
A thousand chirping crickets

Rolling faint roar
The jet airplane grabs my breath
Takes me back
Great mountains cradeling the deserts of Morocco
Dried fish on the edge of the Thai sea
The singularly pleasant taste of strawberries and cream
On a freshly baked Irish scone

In the Dingle Café with Margret

Sun down
Cloud cover
No stars tonight
Young men
Walking by
After evening campfire
Laughing and giggling
Like Girls



The Warmest Year


The experts say our planet had the warmest year ever.

The warmest year since they’ve have been counting.

My eye catches the clouds soaring over our dying tomato vines,

Green and orange fruit still struggling to ripen.

Raindrops drizzling their softness on the baby blue pool cover.

And I wonder.

What will the experts say about my saddest year ever?