Help Wanted: Radicals

No experience necessary.
Must know in your heart
what is right and what
is not.
Must be courageous, honest
and peaceful on the treacherous
road to peace and freedom.
Must be willing to work with others.
Little or no pay.
Song writers and other writers will
do well in this position.
Possibility of going to jail and
alienating friends and family.
Everyone may apply.
While driving around town this morning, I heard on the radio that Tom Hayden died.
That news hit me big time – deep in my gut – in the depths of my soul. To me, Hayden was a courageous activist who never shied away from doing and saying what he knew was the right thing. He took on the fight for humanity. It wasn’t a selfish this-is-just-for-me thing to do.
I bow my head to you, Tom Hayden, a hero among us, though I’m sure you would never claim that title. Thank you, you counter culture radical, you lawmaker you, for everything you and your comrades spearheaded on behalf of peace and humankind. The work you did, what was accomplished, and what wasn’t, the times I remember, all the efforts we each made – it all brings me close to tears.
A few days ago, there was a picture  making the rounds on Facebook. An empty bench in a garden setting, if I remember correctly. It included a question in the form of a prompt asking the reader with whom we’d like to sit and talk for an hour.
Bob Dylan and Tom Hayden. Now that is a conversation in which I’d like to take part. Though I guess, really, I did, in one way or another.
A sad day, today, a day in which I’d also like to point out how many of my friends, family, peers and colleagues are just as determined and outspoken in what is right and wrong, what steps we ought to take on the path to freedom. I salute you all.
I think Tom does, too.

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