Mothers Day

We all know moms don’t happen alone. Of course there were men in my life. Loves of my life. Two of them partnered with me to bring five wonderful children into the world. Those men don’t keep me company now. One died too early for the rest of us, the other now hangs on by a thread. Fortunate and grateful to be cared for by his youngest son. This time of their lives is so different than in the beginning.

My children. To say they’re my pride and joy is only the beginning. Each one of them was born into a different world of mine. Working, not working, partying, not partying, following, leading, here, there, everywhere, looking for the good life. To be better. Happier. Content. Realizing now, that I had all that, even when I didn’t recognize that I did.

Rob, Mollie, Tom, Howie, Russell. This photo an oldie and a goody.

Always, I hope, my children and I, we cherish each other. Anger certainly crossed the threshold. Infrequently and never for long. Each one of my five children is an amazing human being, living his or her best life. Whether they are single, unattached, or married with wonderful spouses and children, they are happy and thriving, and they give me incredible joy, causing me only the smallest bit of angst, just because I am Mom. No matter their age, no matter where they are, I’m the worrier. Just because.

My own mom lived a life shorter than mine. She loved her three kids Mike, Fred and me, more than anything. My love for her never leaves, and I know she’s always with us, my brothers and me and our families. Loving us.

My mom, Mollie, and her mom, Grandma Gertrude.

Have a joyous Mother’s Day – hug yourself, hug your mom, if only in your heart. Even as I sit on a beach thousands of miles away from home on a much needed sabbatical, I can feel my kids’ hugs. I’m sure they can feel mine.

May our love and joy sift through the air like a cool breeze on a hot day.

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