A New Day

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to put my thoughts on this campaign into words. The emotional turmoil has had me stymied, angry, sad, and now, hopeful.

When my mom was a little girl, she didn’t get to live with her mother for many years. My grandmother had to work and had noone at home to care for my mom. My grandmother placed my mom in the care of close friends in Napa while my grandmother lived and worked in San Francisco. My mom eventually was brought in to work side by side with her mother. That was another day and time in 1918, two years before women in this country won the right to vote. I’d like to think my mother and her mother were involved in that struggle. I can’t think of this historic day without thinking about the women who came before us. Especially the women in my own life.

I learned early that we are here on earth to be the best we can be, to help others be the best they can be. Every day. My mom and grandma taught me to take pride in myself and to love and nurture others as well as myself.

From my grandmother on down, my family is one of giving their service to others — to their family, and to their community. When I was a struggling young single mother, I was fortunate enough to receive government support while I made my way through four years of college with three small children at home, with my two older boys living with their father. I was lucky. The financial help was there for me, as was the emotional support of my friends and family that I sorely needed.

Many of those services available to me then, that enabled me to get the education I needed, to support and teach my kids, and to see them become excellent stewards in this land we call America, many of those services available to women trying to get a step ahead were taken away by the Republican leaders in this country in the last two decades.

We know many of the social supports enacted to help those in need have been wiped out. Do you wonder why so many people are uneducated, broken, and unhappy? The socioeconomic system is cracked. It is not broken, but it is deeply damaged.

This election to me is about the difference between the party platforms of the democrats, the republicans, and the libertarians. Each one of them has points I can support. The true leader for me, where my vote is — is with Hillary Clinton. The party’s platform I support is the democratic one.

Hillary Clinton has proven her mettle with her lifetime of service. She has taken hits that many of us can only imagine, and she has continued to stand tall, gracious, and courageous. I can’t think of a better candidate to become our first female president of these United States. She is the one I’d like to introduce to my little grandchildren. I cant’t think of a better man to be our First Man than Bill Clinton. A power duo if there ever was one.



This is my promise. I will stand behind her, and with you, to lift her up, and support her in providing opportunity to everyone in this country to become the best they can be. I will work where I can to revamp the criminal justice system, to provide free healthcare and education to everyone, to support each other as we do ourselves. To stop the fighting and warring.

Behind our backs, greedy, mean, and selfish people who care only for their piles of money have turned our socioeconomic system upside down. My fervent hope is that the rest of us — now that we’ve seen the divide wide open in this land — will work together to make this country whole.

It’s an historic day. A new day. I’m excited, emotional, and grateful for everything good in my life. I feel great!

Published by WriterPaints

I write and I paint, I like to see what I can do with a camera. I hike and bike and travel. In warm weather, I swim. I'm a listener and I read. I'm a proud member of https://www.couchsurfing.com. I'm lucky to have great friends, a large and beloved family. I enjoy my own company and manage to be happy most of the time. I love the outdoors.

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